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Women friends over 40

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Well, thanks to the chaos of work, family, kids, aging parents and grocery shopping, those days are long gone. But the importance of friendship ovrr the same.

Who else Women friends over 40 you cry to when one of your children tells you they hate you? But having friends and being a good friend is different in our 40s than it was when we were younger.

As friend kids mature, our Women friends over 40 do too. We need less drama and more fortitude, and we have less time, and, perhaps, more angst.

Avoid the perfect moms: The one mom who has it all together: She dresses like a model, and her kids eat the healthiest meals and are athletic and academic superstars.

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She is the one dispensing advice in the schoolyard and has a line criends subtle humblebrags about her busy schedule and incredible gluten-free baking. Avoid her at all costs.

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She is the craziest one out there. Lower your expectations: Let go of some of your baby Women friends over 40 friends: These are the women who got you through those endless first days of motherhood; you spent hours discussing poop colors and the minutiae of sleep deprivation.

They were a great fit when you needed to commiserate, but now your interests have changed—they probably feel the same way about you. Be honest: It was much easier Women friends over 40 talk about toddler milestones than it is to really express your fears freinds your kids as they get older.

But if you share the difficult and dark days of parenting older kids with your friends, you will be rewarded when you learn Women friends over 40 you are ovrr alone.

Be forgiving: We all have bad days and say hurtful things without realizing it. True friends forgive; the rest can stay in contact on Facebook.

40 Ways to Make New Friends After 40 | Best Life

Learn to make one good casserole and one sugary treat: The 40s are hard years. People get sick, marriages break up, and parents die.

A part of being a friend is being that shoulder to cry on, or the one who delivers a delicious ready-to-eat meal when a family is overwhelmed. Yes, they are very cool with their tattoos and Women friends over 40 and Instagram-ready lives. Use the phone: We grew up in the Amature Colorado girls of the landline and ovfr on the phone for hours.

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Guess what? You can still do that!

Just dial a number and talk on the phone Women friends over 40 it was the old days. Phone conversations are much more satisfying than typo- and emoji-laden text conversations. Quality over quantity: Your closest friends in your 40s are probably the ones who are going to be by your side when your parents get sick, when your kids move out, and when you decide to grow out all your grey.

These people matter—choose wisely. Go dancing: All friendships need some good stories—and secrets.

You never know when a Women friends over 40 spirit could walk in—it may be at the hockey rink, the coffee shop or an art class. Embrace it. Friends are the color and texture of life…and you need someone who will tell you when you need your fridnds done.

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