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Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court

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The relationship began when the alleged victim was 13 years old and would spend the night at the home of one of his classmates, her son.

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At some point, allegedly, she showed him pornography while others were sleeping, and eventually orally copulated the boy and had sexual intercourse at least twice. The charges filed against Schu-who is married-are: Schu has no prior criminal record on file in Santa Barbara.

There is no seekign anyone Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court her family knew about what was allegedly happening. Senior deputy district attorney Joyce Dudley, who will be prosecuting the case, said she has been in touch with the alleged victim and his family. To submit a reao on this article, email letters independent.

To submit information to a reporter, email tips independent.

Independent Discussion Guidelines. Very few men would decline the opportunity to enjoy sexual relations with an interested partner.

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How many will speak in favor Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court womens [ sexual ] liberation? More importantly, how many will publicly object to Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court of anyone for consensual sexual acts? ArthurK anonymous profile July 31, at 8: Suggest removal. So what was a "family member" doing checking out the "victim's" text messages? Yet they couldn't figure out what was going Adult want nsa Minden Nebraska 68959 by themselves?

Come on, 7 yrs. Like my friend Paul syays: CommonSense anonymous profile July 31, at 8: Get a grip you people!

This boy was a CHILD when this seriously sick woman mindlessly tampered with and eradicated that childhood forever. Our home at one point was filled with my son's early teenage friends, all boys of course, and they were as appealing as the small leggy and warty frogs they collected. Adorable but definitely not in the same way as my cute spouse!

As a Mother I feel the same way about this woman as I did when the local Priests were caught fooling with our boys.

And that is a deep seated maternal anger and cold fury. ArthurK Are you mad?

Did you read this article or just drool over the interesting bits? The child was 13 for God's sake. Even "more importantly" in some countries these female child molesters would be publicly stoned!!!!!! Well Hank you can't have it both ways. You don't want the parents reading the texts and yet you blame them for Noewood happening.

This boy fell victim to a predator who selected him like a lion after a goat. Womxn move though, judging an entire episode based on your reading of a couple of paragraphs.

Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court

That is a real result from investigators who really looked at the case. Really tired of idiots.

Tiredofidiots anonymous profile July 31, at Pay s of thousands to lock her up for years? Monitor the boy now man to determine long-term affects?

Teach our sons about the dangers of older women?

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Maybe Womam these things should Seeking fresh and Alabama dick done. Should we ban her from parks, schoolyards, and playgrounds? How do Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court determine the risk to society??

This sounds like a case of two profoundly lonely people in a relationship that worked for them for many esx. Granted it was out of the xex, out of bounds. We are too quick as a Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court to criminalize the variants. I will not cast the first stone. BegToDiffer anonymous profile July 31, at Comments on here leave one to realise what a sick society we have become, and help to establish the fear and uncertainty of what this egregious trend and the dangers it's influence could bring to our children's future.

Tired, if you picked up on the context of what I said, you'd realize that what I was getting was what you're saying. As a parent you serve as a protective entity.

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Somebody got sprung on the cat! You can't be that tired of myourself now can you?

sseeking Although the woman is obviously troubled, BegToDiffer, and I appreciate your empathetic response to her mental illness, it is the specific view of our Laws, and the Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court view of society, that an adult having sex with a minor is rape.

She is not being criminalized: Also, by definition, the developing and formative character of a child years-old should not and cannot be characterized as "lonely.

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Adolescent boys are rarely victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by older women. Seven years and hundreds of sexual encounters is indicative of someone who benefited, and was not victimized. When I was 15 and had my driver's learners permit, I was the designated driver for an 18 year old girl who liked Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court drink but was smart enough to not drink and drive.

In exchange for my driving her around she allowed me to have sex with her. I was not a victim and she was not a sexual preditor. If this Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court testifies, he will do so because eeeking being pressured by others to do so. This made me LOL. We are talking about a case of a child of 13 and woman old enough to be his mother. You were a 15 year old raging with hormones and she was a pubescent 18 year old and both of you clearly knew what it was Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court about.

If you wouldn't mind, buckwheat, I'd appreciate you backing up your assertions with either the authority of law or some scientific research. Based on the precedent of established law-- and laws seeiing the general will of Free sex dating for free sex North lanarkshire people -- your opinion may need updating.

We are too quick as a society to -criminalize the variants. Spelling too.

Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court

Two lonely people? Snakes alive! In the beginning there was one innocent 13 year old child and one seriously flawed female predator. Now we have one mixed up young man and a clearly sick woman heading for jail, a dependant and a Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court. A user who perhaps now in some sick twist in this relationship has become the dependent.

Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court I Wants Dating

It's a mess however you look at it. Those with the liberal and expansive thoughts regarding variants.

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Are you one of the crowd who scream and shout with rage when you discover a known paedophile setting up house next to you or do Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court ask him in for tea and crumpets to meet your kids? Let me get this straght: Abused children grow into "consensual" relationships with their abusers.

And trading dunken favors for sex is a healthy way to go. Got it No wonder our children are so damaged.

Wake up! Look at the charges, this was rape. Tiredofidiots anonymous profile July 31, at 1: I have just about lost my patience Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court the arguments. Of course some people here will have been 13 year olds and some will be parents of 13 year olds. And no, they are not necessarily innocent or ignorant about sex, most will have watched the arrival of younger siblings, but they usually cope with this in their own families and peer groups without ending up in the sack with their friend's mother.

I wonder seriously how many grown women have been propositioned by Nodwood 13 year old and able to keep a straight face and make a peanut jelly and butter sandwich at the same seekin. I hope my right-leaning buddies start Curt in soon about the horrid immorality of this incident, how deeply un-Christian it all is -- what with adultery and all -- and the need for proper adult behavior Before leaving this discussion I want to pose a question for the apologists: What if there turns out to be more boys?

It is still then some roll in the hay adventure or will you then think that Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court, just maybe a crime has been committed?

Tiredofidiots anonymous Norwodo July 31, at 5: One naturally cannot speak for the apologists but one can assume Woman seeking real sex Norwood Court their minds stay the course it's the more the merrier and hey, everyone's having fun anyway. HickWatcher anonymous profile July 31, at 6: As for the 13 year old: In some cultures people marry and have kids at that age.

I'm not justifiying what the woman did, ssex remember, she was cheating on her husband as well but we live in a society that at one end sexualizes everything yet expects teenagers to remain chaste Local sex classified `ezbet Mukhtar `isa marriage with the sublte message that one should wait a long time before they get married.

The woman obviously is sick, and the then-boy's family somehow didn't pick up on what was happening.